Thanksgiving Thoughts

Some Thanksgiving thoughts for you as we approach the holiday season…

Thanksgiving is my favorite and least favorite holiday of the year. It is my favorite because of the theme and spirit of it. Counting your blessings. Giving thanks to those around you. Being thankful for what you have versus what you don’t.

It is my least favorite simply because of the food. I’ve just never gotten fired up to eat squash or turkey with gravy or cranberry sauce or anything else save mashed potatoes. And I’ve had some wonderfully prepared meals in my lifetime thanks to my parents (and one year, in California, thanks to Jim Carrey. Yes, that Jim Carrey).

Back to the theme of Thanksgiving. I won’t go through and make you read my long list of things I’M personally thankful for, and to be honest it is probably similar to most of yours: health, the people closest to you, and the like. This blog, too: it gives me a chance to communicate about so many different topics through the course of the year. But I like to think of Thanksgiving day as a time for reflection and looking back. Most of you who know me know I don’t typically look back (especially less than 30 days past the annual goal-setting ritual I do every year), but I do think it is instructive on this one day to look back on things and reflect.

At least until the 8:30PM football game on Thanksgiving night. Go Jets!

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving and a safe start to the holiday season.