Thank You, Rick Reilly


I was pretty tough on you regarding your column from August, 2012. This one.

I wrote a pretty detailed response at the time before the college football season even started. Then, my team went 12-0, got ranked #1 and are playing on January 7th in Miami for the national championship. I listened to you on ESPN radio “eat crow” about it and now I’m glad to see this column from the last week.

I’m not glad in a “gloating” sort of way – just glad that you had to take the very familiar drive on the Indiana Toll Road from Chicago, got there, got some ribbing in good fun, and in general started to see why Notre Dame is a special place and not necessarily a “holier than thou” place. It’s just special and no one is out for blood. But when you’re wrong, you’ll know it.

Anyway, mea culpa… thank you for writing the follow-up column to the initial story. I’ll start reading your stuff again. Go Irish.